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M.E.S.A. Auto Air - 5.65 CFM Portable Air Compressor

M.E.S.A. Auto Air - 5.65 CFM Portable Air Compressor

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The M.E.S.A. is now better than ever with our Auto Air digital pressure selection gauge!

This technology allows you to set your desired PSI and not have to monitor the gauge while airing up - it will automatically check for you, and stop when it has reached the desired PSI.  It's just that EZ!

  • Optimized for both single tire or multi-tire inflation
  • 5.6CFM / 150LPM
  • Up to 150PSI working pressure
  • 12v, 90amps - clamps right to your vehicle battery
  • 50% Duty Cycle, 30-minute runtime
  • Automatic pressure cutoff switch at 120PSI
  • Includes a heavy duty storage bag
  • Includes a 25' hose with screw-on inflator tip for individual tires
  • Connects directly to all EZ FLATE products - no adapter needed
  • Long 5' lead hose reaches your EZ FLATE manifold from the ground even with 40" tires
  • 8' Electrical lines for all those hard-to-reach batteries
  • Almost twice as fast as the Smittybuilt 2781, and 7 times faster than the Viar 88p!
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weight: 17.5lbs
  • Size: 13”Lx6”Wx9”H

The M.E.S.A. is better suited than the M.O.A.B. for single-tire usage if you don't plan on purchasing a hose system.  If using our multi-tire hose systems, we recommend the M.E.S.A. for up to 35" tires, and the M.O.A.B. or C.A.S.E. for 35” tires or larger.

Bundle with a Recoil or Hyperflex and save 5%!*

Example of the speed: most common/budget compressors put out less than 2CFM and take over 30 minutes to air up four 35" tires from 10 to 30 PSI, but with the EZ FLATE M.E.S.A., the job is done in 10 minutes flat!

*Bundle discount applies to the purchase price of the compressor and hose kit, not the entire order.  Discounts cannot be stacked. 

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