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2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma - MT86 Topographic Wiper Blade Set

2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma - MT86 Topographic Wiper Blade Set

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The Mox Motors MT86 topographic wiper blade set for 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma vehicles. We offer replacement rubber so your never have to buy another wiper blade again. Each blade is hydro dipped with our custom white topographic design, no two blades are the same so your kit will always be unique to you.

    • Durable natural rubber material offers exceptional windshield clearing and lasts over 500,000 wipe cycles (12+ month life).
    • Each blade is unique due to the hydro dipping process leading to slight variations in their pattern, no two are the same!
    • All weather ready, temperature tested to operate between -40F to 131F.
    • Replaceable rubber extends the life of your kit (sold separately).
    • Hybrid design prevents snow and road debris from clogging the blade.

    Kit contents:

    • 2005-2015 Tacoma: 22" and 20" blades with J-Hook adapter.

    Single Blade options available in 20", 22", 24" or 26". (15" and 17" coming soon)

    Don't forget to grab a set of extra rubber to refresh your blades at the end of the season! Replacement Rubber HERE.

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